Good reasons for not buying things ahead of time

Good reasons for not buying things ahead

We all have things in our home that we have purchased for the future. These may be items for a new home, a project, or future children. They were probably on sale or simply caught your eye. It’s OK to think ahead and prepare for the future but sometimes we can get carried away and simply add clutter.

Items purchased for the future are easily forgotten. They are pushed to the back of a closet or remain hidden in their original shopping bags. 

This happens when gifts are purchased well ahead of time. By the time the holiday or birthday rolls around, we’ve totally forgotten about the gifts, they are no longer relevant, or we’ve found another item we would rather give. If you simply can’t stop purchasing potential gifts then it’s important to organize your inventory by maintaining a list of the gifts purchased and for whom, storing all the gifts in one area and checking your stockpile before gift shopping.

Hold off on purchasing clothing for a slimmer you, even if it’s on sale. It’s not a deal if it turns out to be unflattering once you’re able to wear it. At that time you may have lost the receipt and it’s too late to return/exchange it. 

Are you itching to purchase items for a future hobby? Save your money until you’re ready to start the project because your interests may change or you’ll forget you have the supplies.  You end up feeling bad if you buy supplies and then let them sit unused.

Be careful about stockpiling food, paper products and health and beauty products. Food may spoil before you can use it and all these supplies require organization and storage space.

Cut back on clutter. Wait to purchase items until they are needed.

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