It’s not the stuff in life that matters

It's not the stuff that matters

“All you need is love,” according to The Beatles.

It’s not the stuff that matters.

In fact, owning less stuff will positively change your life. 

Short on time? Save time, shop less. Stop acquiring more things that need to be laundered, dusted, organized, etc.

Short on space? Make space by decluttering and donating your excess.

Skip buying more storage containers. Condense and edit your existing containers.

Overworked? Are you working long hours to pay off things purchased on credit? Save money by downsizing and selling some of your belongings, moving to a smaller home, and/or eliminating the rental of offsite storage. 

Would you like more freedom? Stuff can rob us of our freedom to do the things we want to do. We stop inviting friends or family into our homes or spend our free time decluttering (or worrying about the clutter) instead of chilling.

Short on money? Buy less. Save more. Use what you already own and start a savings fund for a trip you have always dreamed of taking.

Distracted? A cluttered house begets a cluttered mind. It’s difficult to find things or focus. Clear your space, clear your head.

Too much waste? An abundance of stuff wastes time, energy, money, and its production consumes natural resources.

Feeling anxious and worried? Keep calm, eliminate clutter and chaos. Call a professional for help if you are overwhelmed and unable to start.

In the end, do you think you’ll regret not owning more stuff?

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