Virtual Organizing Coaching


When you’re looking to make lasting change in moving from cluttered chaos to organized bliss, virtual coaching will support you through the entire process. We’ll meet via Zoom and start transforming your home and your routines.  

Think about the progress you'll make when you have a customized game plan (with small steps) plus accountability.  

I’m compassionate and encouraging. And you should know when we work together; we have fun! 

Rate: $100 for up to 1 hour session.

My job is to get to know you and your goals. Then, I teach you all my expert tips and tricks through my non-judgmental, caring approach to coaching. Here are just a few sample topics we cover in our virtual sessions:

  • Finding homes for things
  • Simple sorting and categorizing techniques
  • Organizing products you need (and don’t need!)
  • What to do with sentimental items
  • Paper systems
  • How to let things go when you feel attached
  • Create a game plan specific to your goal 
  • How to stay organized
  • How to discard things


  • 1

    We’ll chat on the phone to answer any questions you have and set up our first virtual Zoom session.  Each Zoom session is 30-60 minutes long.

  • 2

    We'll discuss your goals during our 30-60 minute call and formulate a step-by-step plan. I’ll provide support and encouragement when you feel stuck.

  • 3

    After our call, I’ll send you an email summary, including a suggested task list to help you move toward your goal.

  • 4

    You embark on your organization journey, entirely in control of the process, with resources in hand and me as your guide, leading you through each step.  I promise not to overwhelm you.

  • 5

    And, I’m just an email or text away if you get stuck.

  • 6

    I'll be your coach for as long as you need accountability and support.

Virtual organization coaching is for you, if:

  • You are ready to clear away the clutter; you just don’t know where to start.
  • You are no stranger to hard work, but you want a cheerleader in your corner.
  • You are looking for lasting change and need a friendly expert to help you transform your home into a place of organized peace.
  • You are seeking ongoing accountability, not judgment.
  • You do or don't live in the Madison, WI area and want non-judgmental help to regain control of your home.


Client testimonials after working with Simply Organized

Jill was a calm voice in my confusion about getting my office clutter organized.

Her manner gives you the assurance and confidence to get started. I was throwing things away and putting things away while we were still planning!

-- Karen W.

Thanks, Jill for the motivation to let things go and not worry about trying to sell. After our phone consult, I'm not hopeful I'll be able to park in my garage.

-- Adrienne W.

I had the opportunity to work virtually with Jill today. I’ve been putting off a huge photo organizing project and it seems like now is a perfect time to look at it again. It was great to brainstorm and learn from her expertise. She gave me some tools and identified some goals to help get me started. I can certainly see a clearer path forward. Thanks, Jill!

-- Amy T.

Rate: $100 per Zoom session (up to one hour)