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Start Tackling Basement Clutter Without Freaking Out

  Homeowners in the Midwest are fortunate to have additional living and storage space in our basements. Basements can also be the most cluttered space in our homes because they are a super convenient area to squirrel away things we are undecided about. But basements have limits, and even though the clutter is hidden, it… [Read More]

Treasure the memories, free yourself from the stuff

It isn’t easy to part with furniture, antiques, collectibles and other inherited family heirlooms. That’s OK unless your sentimentality has maxed out your basement storage or required long-term rental of an off-site storage unit. You would think it would be simple to let these family pieces go when they don’t fit in our space or… [Read More]

Organize and create a convenient workout space in your home

In addition to hands-on organizing with my clients, my other life-long passion is nutrition and working out. I’m not talking about hardcore, sweat-fest workouts (I don’t like to sweat) but workouts that keep me strong and healthy.   My office is also my workout space because I find it more convenient.  I don’t have to… [Read More]

Jill Annis

Professional Organizer and former weekly columnist for the Wisconsin State Journal. Don’t spend another day feeling overwhelmed or beating yourself up about not being organized. Learn more about Jill...

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