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Your papers will have a system where you can easily find them. You'll be free of paper chaos and feel more energized and productive.

Your clothing and shoes will be tidy and your wardrobe simplified.  You'll dress with ease and seize the day. 

Your kitchen will be transformed to its full potential. Every item will have a home. You'll feel more in control of the space and clean up will be streamlined.  Imagine enjoying more meals with family and friends.

Since 2002, I have helped my  Madison WI area clients live with less while giving them hope. I'm your nonjudgmental professional organizer.  

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About Jill

Don't feel ashamed if you can't or haven't organized yourself. We all have strengths, mine just happens to be organization.

I love sharing my expertise with others and especially enjoy organizing and downsizing with clients who have paper piles, messy kitchens or crammed closets.

Working with Jill

It can be embarrassing to ask for help organizing your home. You’ve got paper piles, overflowing spaces, closets, and kitchens that need downsizing, yet you’re unable to motivate yourself to start taking action. You feel so alone!

But let me assure you, you aren’t.

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How to declutter and decide to let go with confidence

a list of items to part with

Decisions are easy……said no one! As you declutter and downsize, you’ll be faced with lots of decisions. I’ve created a list for you to refer to when you’re undecided or you feel stuck. Use this list to guide you and help you let go of your excess things.   Toss, recycle, donate or sell the item…

Simple tips to declutter your overflowing email inbox

how to declutter your email inbox

It’s not uncommon to have hundreds or even thousands of emails waiting for attention or action. My inbox comfort level tends to be about 15 emails. If you’re overwhelmed by hundreds or thousands of emails, use these simple strategies that I’ve found effective. Delete, delete, delete! Get rid of anything you don’t need. I check…

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