Does this sound like you?

Your kitchen storage is full and not very functional. You want help decluttering and finding homes for things.

You have clothing everywhere. It’s frustrating to find something to wear. You want help with sorting and deciding what to keep.

You have daunting paper piles and need help discarding papers and creating a simple organizational system.

Don’t worry, you’re not alone!

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Hi, I’m Jill, your nonjudgmental, compassionate home organizing and downsizing coach.

I live and work in Madison, Wisconsin, where I help clients downsize and organize so they can find stuff when they need it.

For more than 21 years, I've supported, encouraged, and empowered hundreds of clients. I have decades of experience and treat clients like you with the care and integrity you deserve.  You have my word that our work together is confidential.

My passion lies in restoring order in my clients' lives. I strive to ensure the process is as stress-free as possible by providing ZERO judgment and even infusing some humor into the experience.

  • During a brief phone call, we’ll get to know each other and I’ll learn more about your needs as well as answer your questions about the process. If we decide to work together, (there isn’t an obligation) you’ll book either an in-person or virtual session. If you're unsure, I can help you decide on the best option for your needs.

  • Our sessions are all about YOU and your organizing goals. We’ll work side-by-side or virtually (Zoom) while making decisions about your stuff or papers. Together we’ll downsize/declutter one small area at a time, find homes for things and set up systems and routines to keep your space organized. I’ll share my resources for donating, selling, and recycling things. Have I mentioned that I’m nonjudgmental?

  • Want more than one session? We can continue working together until you determine your goals have been met.  I can assign small tasks for you to work on between our sessions if you want my nonjudgmental accountability. 

In-Person Organization Coaching

Nonjudgemental hands-on assistance.

I specialize in helping you organize:

  • Kitchens
  • Closets & Clothing
  • Paperwork

Sessions are scheduled during weekday hours. For rates and more details, click here.

Virtual Coaching Support for Home Organization


Online nonjudgemental organization support is available through:

  • Email consultations
  • Ongoing organization coaching over Zoom

I'm available during weekday hours. For rates and more details, click here.

Here's what my clients have to say about working with me

After working with Jill I feel so much better, less anxious and far less overwhelmed.


Very patient, concerned, great listener.


I cannot BELIEVE how much Jill has made a difference. She is so soothing and easy to work with. With Jill's help, I finally believe that I can do this. Those feelings of optimism and strength are the greatest gifts Jill has provided.


Working with Jill helped me clarify my end goal, take a big project and break it up into manageable parts, while feeling good about the progress made. Jill is focused, authentic and makes you feel at ease wherever you are starting.