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I provide downsizing and organizing assistance with kitchens, closets and household papers in the Madison, WI area.  Since 2002 I've helped my clients feel better, not judged or shamed.

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About Jill

Don't feel ashamed if you can't or haven't organized yourself. We all have strengths, mine just happens to be organization.

I love sharing my expertise with others and especially enjoy organizing and downsizing with clients who have paper piles, messy kitchens or crammed closets.

Working with Jill

It can be embarrassing to ask for help organizing your home. You’ve got paper piles, overflowing spaces, closets, and kitchens that need downsizing, yet you’re unable to motivate yourself to start taking action. You feel so alone!

But let me assure you, you aren’t.

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3 Common mistakes made when organizing children’s outdoor toys & equipment

organizing children's outdoor toys

Steer clear of three common mistakes when organizing children’s outdoor toys. 1. Adding without subtracting. Edit their toys once or twice a year (spring and fall). Start by gathering their outdoor equipment and placing it in one area. Now your family has a visual inventory and will notice if there are any unnecessary multiples. Schools and…

Help with Organizing School Papers

organizing school papers

It’s not easy to stay on top of school papers. It enters your home via backpacks and then migrates to the kitchen counter and table. What do you do to prevent a paper pile up? My No. 1 suggestion is to be choosy about the papers you keep. Consider these questions. Can you find the…

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