How To Responsibly Donate Your Things To Charity

Donation Box


When I work with my clients, we come across many things they no longer want but aren’t interested in selling. I encourage clients to donate as much as possible to local charities versus throwing usable items into the trash. Since 2002, I’ve become more familiar with the items charities accept and the condition they should be in.

Charitable organizations rely on our donated goods and depend on us to donate responsibly so they don’t incur unnecessary disposal fees.

Here are some tips to help you donate responsibly: 

Drop off your items during regular business hours. Call or look online for this information. 

Do not leave donations outside. In most cases, this is considered illegal dumping. The items you leave may not be acceptable items, could be stolen, or end up damaged from the elements. The charity will then have to use their limited resources to dispose of them.

Call or look online for a list of items they accept and do not accept before you make the trip. You may be surprised by the many things they take.

Do not give them dirty or wet clothing or broken, unusable items. The only exception may be electronics. If you have old computers or broken electronics that need disposing of, ask the organization if they take them. Some recycle them for free.

Want to save time and energy? Call a local charity and schedule a free pickup at your home or schedule one online at

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