How to simplify your laundry routine

simplify laundry

Laundry … it’s tedious and non-ending and the last thing most of us want to do on a weekend. If it accumulates quickly, change your routine in order to keep up with the piles rather than catching up on weekends.

Here are some tips to simplify and streamline laundry:

Maybe life has thrown you the old eight-ball and you’re so far behind you’re considering buying a new wardrobe. Cut yourself some slack and haul it all to a laundromat. Another option is a full-service laundromat offering drop-off service. Your laundry is washed, dried and folded while you run errands. 

Use baskets and hampers to keep dirty laundry off the floor, bed, and treadmill. One basket in every bedroom should do the trick. Once full, empty the basket into the washer and start a load. Sorting is optional and entirely up to you. 

Set a timer to remind you to switch the load to the dryer. Hang clothing immediately after dry; resist the urge to cram clean clothing into baskets. You’ll avoid wrinkles and may be able to skip ironing altogether.

Finish the process by putting all the laundry away. Baskets of clean laundry take up floor space and cause confusion. Are the items in the basket clean or dirty? There isn’t any reason you can’t use laundry baskets for clothing storage. Label the baskets (workout clothing, T-shirts, pajamas) and place them on closet shelves. 

If a load of laundry is done several times a week it won’t become a massive, time-consuming chore.

Pre-teens or teenagers are capable of being in charge of their own laundry. It’s an essential life skill. Is it really that awful if they shrink an item or don’t have anything clean to wear at times?

It’s a good feeling to be caught up on laundry, even if it’s fleeting.  Tackle that laundry pile today.


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