Things to do before your baby moves in

things to do before baby moves in

Organize and prepare your home a few weeks in advance of your baby’s arrival so you’re able to snuggle with your new family member as much as possible.

Shop early for essentials — delivery dates are only an estimate.

If you’re a mom-to-be in a nesting phase, use it to your advantage instead of wasting it cleaning the shower grout like I did! Prepare and freeze a couple weeks’ worth of meals before your baby arrives, or stock up on convenience food.

Friends and family may ask you if you need anything. Don’t hesitate to ask for a pan of lasagna or a package of diapers. If you are visiting new parents, don’t arrive empty-handed.

If you’ve had previous newborn experience then you’re aware they require copious amounts of diapers and wipes, so have a few weeks’ worth of these on hand. Multi-level homeowners should set up diaper changing areas on every level.

Save your store and gift receipts in an envelope labeled “baby stuff.” You might have to return items you find you don’t need or items your infant outgrows before wearing.

Babies grow extremely fast. You’ll stay organized if you regularly weed out too-small clothing. A clear storage bin in the nursery will provide a home for it. When it’s full, label it with the size and move it to storage. Place a laundry basket for soiled clothing in the baby’s room.

Clear space in your kitchen and bathroom cabinets for baby items, and place small items in containers to keep them together.  

Congratulations!  Enjoy this exhausting and magical time.

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