Good reasons for not buying things ahead of time

We all have things in our home that we have purchased for the future. These may be items for a new home, a project, or future children. They were probably on sale or simply caught your eye. It’s OK to think ahead and prepare for the future but sometimes we can get carried away and… [Read More]

De-clutter your way to organization

De-cluttering your home will result in a more organized home.  We all have too much stuff.  Even the professional organizer has too much stuff!  I’m constantly de-cluttering and putting things back where they belong to maintain an organized home. Just imagine if we pared down our belongings by a third! We will have less to… [Read More]

Grateful for clutter?

It’s not unusual to feel burdened by clutter but there are times when our abundance can invoke feelings of gratitude.   We live in a country where many of us have all the stuff we need plus much more.   Acknowledge your abundance and share with others in need, when possible. Here are 3 ways to… [Read More]

Donation Station

Every home should have a donation station.  A box, bag or other container to hold the items you want to pass on to your favorite charity.   Label your container “donate” and set in a location that is accessible to all your household members.  We have our bags in our basement laundry room. This station provides… [Read More]