Prepare for an exceptional morning–free checklist

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I’m not a morning person.

How about you?

Do you start the day off feeling frazzled before your body is even vertical?

I have my dad to thank for showing me the power of preparing for the next day by doing as much as possible the night before.  He really hated mornings.  His eyes were barely open for the first hour and he didn’t want to talk to us until he’d been up for at least 30 minutes.

He taught me that every little thing you do the night before counts when you hate mornings and want to sleep as long as possible.

For example, setting out his box of cereal, spoon, and bowl so he didn’t have to decide what to eat and find his utensils.  Yup, something as simple as that!

You can find me following his ninja tricks for a stress-free morning on the days I have an early morning client appointment because I want to avoid thinking or making decisions at that time of day.

I put together a checklist for you if mornings aren’t your thing.

Download it by clicking here.
Here’s to living the morning of your dreams!

Tell me, what do you do to prepare the night before?



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