An essential checklist to prevent clutter and save money.

before buying things ask these questions

We all buy stuff, myself included, thinking…..

That’s CUTE, I need it!

I love her outfit, I want one just like it.

It’s on sale, I gotta buy it now.

I’m sad, worried, anxious so buying this thing will make me feel better.

Oh my gosh, that gadget is just what I need.

It’s the latest version, I have to have it.

Life will be much easier if I have this.

It’s common and to have these thoughts. BUT if you want to reduce clutter being more mindful of your purchases is a good FIRST step. Awareness is essential.
To help you become more aware, I’ve come up with a printable checklist that you can refer to while you’re shopping.
checklist before buying items

My checklist will help you PAUSE and think before buying things.

You may discover that you buy less and in turn bring fewer items into your home.

I’m encouraging you to consider this checklist as an experiment. An opportunity to learn about your purchasing habits. Not an opportunity to be critical of your actions/habits.

Let me know if you like this list. If you found it helpful. If you think it’s garbage :). I’d love to hear from you in the comments below.

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