My dad’s wait is over

beach with blue, sunny sky and white sand with the words my dad's wait is over

His 5-year wait ended.


Family surrounding a loved one who is sleeping peacefully in his hospital bedEver since my mom passed, dad envisioned once again
being with his bride of 64 years. That long-awaited day
arrived for him on December 29, 2019, with his passing.

His kids and grandkids drove and flew into Madison to
love on him during his last days.

• We held his hand

• Told him we loved him

• We gathered around his bed and shared stories that evoked both loud laughter and tears

• Fed him his favorite food, a banana and a Culver’s chocolate malt

• Looked at family photo albums

• Prayed for him

•Shared meals with each other and

•Advocated for his ease of passing

I used to greatly fear the end of life experience and wanted absolutely nothing to do with it but sharing this journey with both of my parents is something I’ll treasure and I’m grateful I was present.  It was a very special Christmas season for my family.

Father and daughter in Madison, WI with arms around each other and smiling

I’m thankful for the support of Agrace Hospice for his caregivers and the staff at All Saints Assisted Living.

My dad was happiest when his kids gathered with him and that we did!

His story ended perfectly the way he wanted it.

Daughter and father dancing and smiling at the camera

Have you witnessed a loved one’s transitioning or passing?

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