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Nifty Gifty Ideas for any Holiday

gift ideas

I stink at choosing gifts because I agonize over each gift, buy it, return it and cross my fingers they like it.  Then I wised up and decided to stop buying stuff for the sake of buying stuff.  It didn’t feel aligned with who I am (the Queen of decluttering).

I wanted to be more intentional and choose gifts that didn’t become clutter so I came up with this whopper of a list.

National or state park entrance stickers

Tuition for lessons (cooking, horseback riding, piano, golf, painting, etc)

Memberships (museum, zoo, golf course, pool, health club, yoga studio)

Summer camp tuition

Car wash coupons

Coffee or tea

Cookies or a meal

Wine and cheese

Flowers or an amaryllis plant

Lawn mowing, gardening, snow shoveling, or house cleaning


Escape room

Tickets to a concert, theater, or sporting event

Postage stamps

Gasoline gift cards

Grocery gift cards

A dinner or lunch date

C.S.A. membership

Your help with their technology or home repair

Garden center gift card

Netflix or another streaming service

Audible books subscription

Babysitting or dog sitting

Lottery tickets

Oil change gift card

Offer to clean their car


Walk their dog or dog sitting services

Pet food

Dinner deliver or meal kit delivery

Teach a skill you have and they desire

Offer to help them put away their holiday decorations

Share this list with friends and family.  It’ll bring more ease to any gift-giving occasion.

Tell me about your favorite clutter-free gift ideas.

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