Nifty Gifty Ideas for any Holiday

gift ideas

I stink at choosing gifts because I agonize over each gift, buy it, return it and cross my fingers they like it.  Then I wised up and decided to stop buying stuff for the sake of buying stuff.  It didn’t feel aligned with who I am (the Queen of decluttering). I wanted to be more…

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Perfect, Clutter-Free Mom’s Day Gifts

If you want to honor your mom, grandmother or someone who has been “like a mom” to you, there are some wonderful, meaningful options that will not add clutter to their lives. First of all, consider the following: Has she dropped gift hints?  If so, then at least you know she wants the gift and…

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Gift ideas that save money

Is your gift budget tight this year or most years?  Budget conscious gifts can be very meaningful and won’t leave you with a large credit card balance in January. Here are some suggestions that will save you money on gifts. Homemade items.  Do you knit, sew, bake, cook, make cards? Re-gift items.  Have you received…

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