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paint brushes with blue and white paint

Since I started painting as a hobby in 2020, I notice that the organizing and painting processes have some similarities.

It starts with a goal.  In my mind,  I’ll have an image of the completed painting I’m aiming for. Just like an image of the uncluttered space you have in mind.

Getting started can be unnerving, whether it’s staring at an empty canvas or a cluttered nightstand that needs to be cleared and organized. That’s when we all feel daunted and lose our motivation.

This is a common human experience. Something I experience every time I start or work on a painting.  I know I’ll feel proud of myself for completing a painting so I stay the course.

I’m sharing my painting process with you because I think it’s a bit similar to starting an organizing project. Follow along with me to learn how I went from a blank canvas to a finished painting.

1. I first decide on an image reference or a video tutorial. This time I wanted to paint my friend’s fluffy dog. *Decide where you will begin in your home. The key is to choose a very small, specific area like the surface of your nightstand.

painting outline of a puppy

2. Gather supplies, i.e. brushes, paint, and paper. *Gather bags and boxes for the trash, recycling, and donations you will find while sorting your nightstand.

underpainting acrylic of a puppy

3. I’m aware that a painting takes time to complete, and that I need to be patient with myself. *Organize a bit every week. For example, clear the top of your nightstand today and a drawer tomorrow. The clutter didn’t just happen overnight so it’ll take a minute to sort it out.

first layer of acrylic painted puppy

4. All my paintings have an UGLY stage or stages I’m always proud of myself for sticking with it during this stage even when I hate it and have lost hope. This happens every single time. *Don’t give up. It’s normal to feel emotional and irritated at some point while organizing. You might think that you should be working faster on the nightstand or angry at yourself for letting it get cluttered. Those are just emotions and your brain’s thoughts. Let the stories go and keep moving forward. The thoughts aren’t useful.

2nd layer of acrylic painted puppy

5. The payoff is tremendous, whether you stick with a painting or an organizing project. My friend was so excited about the painting of her dog that she framed it. *You’ll be proud of your nightstand and might want to capture an image of it to email to me. Please do, I’d love that!

acrylic painting of a dog

I’d like to know what you’re organizing or creating this month.

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