Our tree topper has had a good run

christmas star tree topper

This star has topped our tree for 24 years. This year of all years the star refused to light up, go figure.

Our $10 star had a good run.

I remember shopping for this star with my mom after she saw our star-less tree. A tree without a topper was unacceptable to my mom.

She lived for the holidays and her tree was always straight, flashing, and without missing branches. I’ve heard stories about my dad filling in bare spots with a drill, wire and supplemental tree branches. Can you imagine? What a guy!

Mom and I found a suitable star at a local store. I remember walking through the gorgeous store (The Bruce Company) with mom. Dang, I wish we could shop together again for a replacement. She’d loved being a part of that decision.

The non-working star will reluctantly go in the trash.

We can be nostalgic and have wonderful memories of loved ones without hanging onto everything that’s associated with them. Let go of the excess and no longer useful items.

Keep this in mind as you decorate and un-decorate this season. Pass along items to thrift shops if they are in good condition. You’ll brighten future holidays for others as a result!

What is your favorite holiday decoration?


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