It’s okay to donate your nice things

sign that reads thrift stores want nice stuff


I’ve heard my clients say this more than once…….”Jill, this is too nice to give away!”

My response is, “yes, that’s a nice __________, but here’s the thing, thrift stores LOVE nice things.”

Clients often believe they should sell their items rather than donate them because it feels wasteful and they want to recoup some cash.

Here’s the thing about selling stuff.

It takes more time.

It requires energy and motivation to price, photograph, and list items for sale.

It can be disappointing when you don’t make the $$ you thought you’d make.

If you feel excited about selling things, give yourself a deadline and stick to it.

Otherwise, use and enjoy things you’ve purchased until they no longer serve you. Then pass them along and bless others. Have you heard the term sunk cost? It’s a cost that can’t be fully recovered.

Go ahead and donate beautiful clothing that no longer fits or you no longer wear for some reason or other.

Donate household items you’re finished using and things people have given you that aren’t your taste.

Thrift stores rely on your donations to serve their cause, the community, the environment, and to pay their overhead.

Much of my clothing is purchased at thrift stores and I’m thankful for nice donations. Thrifting aligns with my values–reduce and reuse.

I’d love to hear whether it’s easy or difficult for you to donate nice things.

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