A Spring Scavenger Hunt to Clear Your Space


I don’t know about you but I am not a fan of winter. I feel like a whole new person once I start seeing signs of spring.

With the warmer weather comes a desire to clean and declutter our homes in anticipation of the spring season.

Why not make it a bit more fun?

Let’s call it a Spring Decluttering Scavenger Hunt, where you can quickly clear some space in your home! With my list of items to be found, the challenge is to locate and declutter (toss, recycle, or donate) each item as quickly as possible.

Hunt for these items, quick like a bunny (as my mom used to say).

1- dead plant

2- pairs of uncomfortable shoes

3- books

4- ill-fitting items of clothing

5- items in the junk drawer

6- magazines

7- coffee mugs and/or water bottles

8- outdated items from your fridge or freezer

9- items in your pantry

10- pieces of mail

After you find as many items on the list as possible then it’s time to donate, toss, sell, or recycle them.

Happy spring!

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