Freedom From Clutter is Possible

feeling free

Hey there! Let’s take a moment to declare our independence from clutter together. We all know how overwhelming it can be to have too many things filling up our physical and mental space. So, let’s make a pact to start simplifying and organizing our lives, one step at a time.

Think about how good it will feel to have a clear and clutter-free space, where you can focus on the things that really matter.

Are you ready to move some clutter out of your life?

Here are some options for getting rid of things.

Toss if it’s not in usable condition.


Ask your grown children if they want it (text them a photo of the items) and if they say “yes” then give them a deadline to retrieve it.

Give it to a friend/family/co-worker/neighbor who can use it and wants it.  Text them photos to quickly confirm they want it.

Pass it along to a charity.  Some charities will pick up your items free of charge.  This varies depending on where you live and the charity you want to give your things to.  Google is a great resource for finding this information.  One of my go-to places to donate things is St. Vincent De Paul.

List if for sale on Facebook Marketplace or Craig’s List.

List it for free on one of the above sites or on a workplace community board.

Place it outside or near the curb with a sign stating it’s “FREE.”

Garage sales aren’t something I recommend.  I personally believe they are an astonishing amount of work for very little reward.  That being said, my mom LOVED hosting a garage sale.  It was a social event for her.  I still don’t get it!

When you rid yourself of the burden that clutter can impose upon you, you will feel a sense of lightness. Please let me know if this has been your experience.

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