My client’s bed wasn’t sleeping in her bed

Her bed was completely buried beneath clutter.  My client was dealing with physical and emotional challenges besides an overwhelming amount of bedroom clutter.

She couldn’t sleep in her bedroom because clutter had completely taken over the room (I’ve seen this situation countless times; I couldn’t wait to help).  It had become an area to stash stuff, mostly clothing, shoes, tote bags, and papers.

My client’s goal was to return to sleeping in her bed, THAT night, not on her couch as she had been.  I doubted the possibility of this happening because of our 3 hour time constraint and the amount of stuff.  I didn’t share my thoughts with her because we needed to stay positive. It was our first organizing session together so I had no idea if she made decisions quickly or at a slower pace.

Her decision-making skills were unbelievable as well as her focus and determination.  There wasn’t any reason to doubt that she would achieve her goal.

In order to step into her bedroom, we needed to first clear the clutter from the doorway. We found massive amounts of clothing that she put aside to wash before donating. Trash and recycling were bagged. As we sorted together, she filled bags with many things she wanted to donate.

I could tell she was on a downsizing mission.  Her small apartment felt out of control and depressing to her.  She knew she had to let things go.  Most importantly, my client was ready and willing to make a huge change and I was thrilled to be part of her journey to freedom.

I thought she’d get stuck on the countless tote bags that were filled with miscellaneous things.  It was astonishing to watch her ruthlessly sorting it ALL out.  Every single tote bag.

We place papers we found in paper bags labeled “to sort.”  We’d address them during our next session instead of getting bogged down reviewing them.  She wanted to sleep in her bed so the papers could wait.

Within 3 hours of time, she met her goal.

We cleared off the bed, the floor and vacuumed.

Can you imagine her delight?

I love my career especially when I see the impact my skills have on my client’s lives.

She feels like her life is back on track.  Especially after meeting me one more time to tackle the paperwork.  She eliminated most of the old papers and we filed the rest in her updated file system within 2 hours time.  Incredible!

I hope her story inspires you to take action today.  Find one tiny area to begin and decide whether each item stays or goes.  If you need support from a professional, I’d love to hear from you.  608-575-7467





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