Who hasn’t decluttered by accident?


Those moments of unplanned, spontaneous decluttering can be very productive.

You had no intention of decluttering but there you are sorting and discarding by happenstance (I’ve always wanted to use that word).

I’ve had this happen in my garden when I spot a weed while admiring a bloom.  Thirty minutes later I’ll notice I have a pile of weeds to discard and a nice weed-free area in my garden.  Not the entire garden but at least I have a start.

Seize the opportunity and run with it.

Edit your sock drawer while looking for a pair to wear.

Thin a file when you retrieve a paper from the folder.

Discard old magazines while adding the newest issue to the basket.

Let go of shoes when trying to find a pair to wear.

Toss a broken mug while grabbing one for your tea.

Dump old makeup you find while searching for your lipstick.

Totally accidental and thrilling.  Stand back and admire what you’ve done.  Not what you haven’t done!

This is much easier than finding motivation on a day or time you’ve planned to start decluttering and organizing.

Decluttering is sometimes a happy little accident to be proud of.

Tell me about the last time you’ve accidentally decluttered.


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