You are capable of doing hard stuff

making decisions is hard

This is hard! That’s what my client repeatedly stated as she sorted out a bin.

I’m not going to deny this.

Making decisions and dealing with stuff is hard.

She didn’t quit though. I held space for her and oozed support.

I listened without interrupting.


Bit by bit, the decisions were made and she accomplished her goal.

The bin was sorted and less full. She knew what she had and was proud she stuck with it.

But best of all she recognized that she can do hard things. Things she was avoiding and dreading.

You don’t have to enjoy the process but you do get to enjoy the results.

I won’t promise it’s simple but you gotta do the hard stuff if you want to achieve your goals.

What will you gain once you achieve your organizing goals?

I’m a nonjudgmental organizing coach who offers ongoing compassionate coaching support.

I’m here for you if you are searching for guidance and direction.

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