Downsizing when it gets emotional

downsizing is emotional

Downsizing is emotional for humans.

You might feel bad about letting things go but your stuff doesn’t care whether you keep them around, toss, recycle or donate them to the nearest thrift store.

Acknowledging this might make the downsizing process a bit easier.

We have to feel the feelings, deal with them, and heal our relationship with the things we own. Downsizing is emotional but it isn’t the most terrible feeling you’ll experience in your life.

While working with my clients we talk about their emotions, they tell me stories about their things and I encourage them with thoughtful questions. It’s exciting when they discover that they are capable of letting go. My coaching (not therapy) also helps clients discover what matters and become more curious about their attachment.

No judgment, no shame!

What can you do to move forward when downsizing gets emotional?

Start with the easy stuff, the less emotional stuff.

Be patient and compassionate to yourself.

Take photos of things before you let them go.

Journal about your experience.

Find a meaningful home for your donations. What is your favorite charity?

Keep in mind your end goal and why perseverance matters.

Practice self-care.

Remind yourself that your stuff doesn’t feel sad about leaving your house.


Here are some results my clients have achieved after downsizing.

Less chaos

More control

More peace

Better health

A soul-soothing space

Calm and order

A sense of accomplishment

More energy


Less time wasted

More space


A better attitude

We can do some hard things!

If you feel stuck and you want a supportive partner by your side, please reach out for my virtual support, I’m ready to help you.  608-575-7467

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