Time management: How to say “no” when you feel obligated to say “yes”

tips to say no

Are you saying yes when you really want to say no? It’s hard for most of us to say no, especially when a favor is asked and you don’t want to let someone down.

What if you changed your perception from when you respond to a request with a “no” you are being callous and instead view it as saying “yes” to your values, freedom, and better time management?

Time is a resource that should be protected and honored.

Time management is an important organizing component. Some of us like to be busy but how much can we take on before feeling overwhelmed by our schedule? Is the need to please others causing stress and chaos in your life?

Saying yes out of guilt or fear will fill your week with things you don’t really want to do and make it harder to manage your time.  You’ll feel stressed and possibly angry at yourself for making the commitment.

The best approach for handling these sticky situations is to plan ahead and establish boundaries.

One of these three responses may be suitable and will honor your time and energy.

1. Simply say “no.” That’s it. You’re not obligated to provide an explanation nor are you being rude.

2. “I’ll think about it” or tell the person you need to check your schedule and you’ll get back to them. This buys you time to avoid an impulsive yes and to formulate a thoughtful response.

3. “I’m sorry but I’m not available.” Again you aren’t required to provide a lengthy explanation as to why you aren’t available.

The first no will be hard but with practice, it’ll get easier to establish your boundaries. Imagine how great it will feel to be empowered to say no instead of resenting a yes.

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