How to make decisions based on truth not fear

how to make decisions about your stuff

The decision-making process, or determining what to keep and what not to keep, is fundamental to the organizing process. Many things are kept because of good intentions but when the truth be told, it was kept knowing it would never be used, looked at again or even thought about.

Do these situations sound familiar?

You’ve saved recipes torn from magazines or printed off the internet with every intention of using them … someday. Now you have piles of these recipes, what do you do with them?  Sure it’s hard to toss potentially delicious options you thought you would try but will you truly miss them? My organizing client looked at her large box of saved recipes and realized that she didn’t grab a recipe from the box when she wanted to try something new BUT instead turned to the internet for ideas.  There is a bounty of recipe options on Pinterest alone.

With her newfound self-awareness, she bravely recycled most of the recipes and organized the remaining into binders.  She felt relief and accomplished!

How about the articles you’ve torn out of a publication and written “SAVE” at the top? Does the word “save” cloud your judgment when you attempt to reduce papers? Your backlog of things to read may actually add stress and anxiety. Evaluate whether the articles are still relevant and if you can find the information again if you decide you need it in the future.  The internet is a wondrous invention and a wealth of information.

Is there a parental law or code stating you’re required to save all of your offspring’s artwork forever and eventually hand it over to them? What about the artwork you created during your childhood? Do you even think about it? A better solution may be to save a few treasures or take photos of the pieces and then recycle or toss.

The next time you’re faced with a decision ask yourself if your reason for keeping it is based on the truth or fear. Experiment with holding another point of view. The truth can set you free … from clutter.

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