Are you ready for overnight guests?

remove clutter in spare room

She had a sofa for a guest to sleep on but let’s just say the guest room was a bit neglected. 

Here’s the thing…. guests were due to arrive and she was paralyzed by overwhelm.  She was feeling the external pressure to transform that space.

I was thrilled she reached out for my help clearing out the clutter from this area that hadn’t gotten much attention for years, exactly 14 years.

It’s my specialty, supporting while sorting.

The room was more of a man-cave as it contained her husband’s extensive collection of sports memorabilia.  Boxes of trading cards, sports programs, small collectibles, t-shirts, and ticket stubs, spilled off the furniture and onto the floor.  This didn’t happen overnight, mind you.  He’s spent decades collecting.

The furniture had a thick layer of dust and the room had an abandoned vibe to it.  Not the feeling she was going for if she was going to let a guest crash on the sofa.

Does this sound like a doppelganger for your spare room?

I love transforming rooms into spaces my clients feel good about. Did I mention I also like to Swiffer furniture?  It’s so satisfying!

We made a good team and quickly saw progress.

Here’s the strategy we used to break the project up into manageable steps:

>> Condensed the boxed up cards and stacked as many as possible in the bookcases.

>> Relocated other, loose and sprawling memorabilia from the shelves to clear plastic bins.

>> Stacked all the bins in one area

>> Dusted my heart out

>> Donations moved to her car

>> Trash and recyclables were put in the proper bins

2 hours later, we were finished, the floor was clear and the dust eliminated.  We felt like MPV’s of the organizing world!

My client and her husband were both pleased and RELIEVED with the new and improved space.  And they feel better about offering the space to their guest who won’t have to navigate the clutter to get reach the sofa.

declutter spare room spare room decluttering clear clutter from spare room

Send me a DM if you could use support restoring order to any room in your home.  We’ll return it to a tidy and peaceful state in no time flat.

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