Buying it, even when you like it, might not be the best decision

reasons to not buy

I was A F R A I D of this bike but I accepted my friend’s invitation to try it anyway.

It’s not an ordinary bike, my friend owns an e-bike (electric).

A bike with a throttle among other powerful features which scared me a bit.  No one has ever called me a thrill-seeking daredevil.

I seriously had to pray a little and S T O P visualizing myself flying over the handlebars when I switch over from manual pedaling to power pedaling.

Now that I’ve experienced riding a bike without needing to walk it up hills, (that’s embarrassing) there’s no turning back.

I’m able to simply PRETEND to pedal for miles without breaking a sweat.

try something new

Even though I’m hooked on powerful electric bikes, I’m not buying one of my own because:

  • I know I won’t take the time to ride it in order to justify the investment.
  • I’d rather save the money for my next hiking vacation, something I enjoy even more.
  • My friend is willing to lend me her bike while she rides her hubby’s bike on the trails with me.
  • I would need to store, charge and maintain it.
  • They are also available for rent in Madison, WI
  • Our weather kind of stinks most of the year, not really biking weather, at least for me.

I highly recommend trying new things, even if it scares you.

Tell me about something new you’ve tried.

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