Organizing is emotional

compassionate organizing

I noticed there was a change of plans when my client met me at her door with two outdoor seat cushions and a cup of coffee in her hand.

She needed time to enjoy the beautiful morning and chat for a bit.  I realized organizing was gonna have to wait.

Doing nothing is a challenge for me.  I’m a do-er, a worker-bee.

I want my clients to feel like their time with me is valuable.  That we accomplish stuff, transform a space–that’s why they asked for my help in the first place, right?

Not always.

During our first phone call, this client remarked that she was looking for a sympathetic, outside opinion to get through her recently deceased partner’s belonging.  It was going to be emotional.

Time was not of the essence in her situation.

I’ve learned to S L O W down and meet my clients where they are, which might mean:

Catching up on their life since our last session.

Compassion and empathy with their current situation.

Support when they feel stuck and unmotivated.

Positive affirmations, a.k.a. a pep talk when they forget how far they’ve progressed since we teamed up.

Eliminating stuff is emotional.  I can help you through the process of letting go.

That morning, my client needed companionship more than organizing.

When her coffee cup was empty she was ready to start making decisions.

Meeting my clients where they’re at strengthens our partnership.

How often does someone get to know you and REALLY listen?

I’m all ears, tell me about you.

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