SHOULD isn’t a good reason for keeping things

doante nice stuff

Let’s talk about NOT “shoulding” on yourself.  I’ll share some examples.

* I should keep this because I spent $$ on it.
This is a sunk cost. We buy things to use and enjoy and then pass them along if they no longer serve us.

* I should save this awful piece of art my child made.
Be selective, we can’t save it all.

* I should hang onto this because it’s NiCe.
Charities accept nice things in fact they prefer nice things as donations.

* I should sell this because it has value.
Are you willing to take the time to list and sell the item? Many collectibles are no longer considered valuable. Investigate before assuming the item is valuable. Usually, the owner attributes a higher value to their belongings.

* I should wear this because it fits (even though it’s unflattering).
Put it on, take a selfie and reconsider.

* I should use this because it was a gift.
Gifts are not meant to be a burden.

* I should keep it, I have plenty of space.
Does the item deserve to stay or would you rather bless someone with it

Fear, guilt, and uneasiness are valid feelings during the decluttering process. We all experience them, even me, a pro organizer! The feelings will subside once you experience the freedom of less.

Do you often use SHOULD as an excuse to hang onto things?  Let’s discuss this in the comments.

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