Is it just me who needs more space?

You aren’t the only one with too much stuff and too little space.

Here’s a solution to regaining control.

If you can’t shut the closet or cabinet door, then remove some items until it all fits and the door closes. Look for things you don’t use or don’t like.

Do the same when a drawer won’t completely close. It’s a clear signal to eliminate some items from the drawer.

Does food fall out of your freezer when you open its door?  It’s time to get real about the food you’re storing.  Is it still appealing?

Editing is magical. You’ll feel more in control of your life as well as free up space.

Spillage of stuff can make a person irritated. Pretty soon there’s clutter everywhere.

Your desk, the counters, bookshelves, your table, the basement, and the garage.

It won’t be easy so buckle up, and focus on one small area at a time.  Stick with that one area (junk drawer) until you finish.

Don’t get distracted putting things away, wait until you’ve sorted it all before leaving the room.

The first question is always, “do I keep this or release it?”   Psst, remember your goal of regaining control and freeing up space.

Your time and effort will bring you a sense of calm and ease along with the freedom to close your drawers and doors.

And to answer your question, no, it isn’t just you.

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