You don’t have to live like this

moving boxes

The boxes haven’t been unpacked even though you moved a million years ago.

Or, you moved last month, and the remaining boxes feel so hard.  This I understand; you’re overwhelmed.? ? It’s easy to avoid unpacking boxes, especially when you’re able to hide them in the basement, garage, or closet.  But they are still there……taking up space.

You tell yourself you’ll get to them someday.  If only it didn’t feel hard and daunting, you would find the motivation.

Stop judging yourself.  What you need is a plan and accountability to finish unpacking and stop feeling annoyed.

Tell a friend that you WILL finish unpacking by a certain date—Mark your calendar.? ?

Break the project up into smaller bits.  Start with one box. ? ? Open it and pick up one item.? ? Decide if it stays or goes.? ? If it stays, decide where it belongs.? ?Repeat.

I use a fast system for sorting boxes full of TINY odds and ends. Look in the box for the items you want to keep, remove them from the box and dump the rest.? ? This does take courage, but would you rather decide on every paper clip, pen, and button?  That’s a lot of decisions for your brain.

My clients feel a hella good once we’ve emptied and recycled their moving boxes, and you will too.

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