Are you hanging onto things because you don’t want to get rid of them?

let it go

Common Reasons We Hang On To Things

I don’t want to let it go!

I can’t just give it away.

It’s worth something.

Who would want it?

This is hard!

Are you hanging onto things because you’re telling yourself that you CAN’T give them up?

There’s no shame in this. It’s emotional. No one likes to feel bad emotions so we avoid them.

Listen, you can do hard things, I know you can. You’ve proven this every time you’ve shopped for a swimming suit or raised a human being.

You CAN let things go. Allow the feelings of discomfort, but also allow space for the positive feelings of relief when you’ve gotten unstuck and moved forward.

A client tells herself this, “suck it up buttercup” when she knows it’s time to let something go.

Here are some positives to letting go:





Helping others in your community




There’s much to gain and little to lose.

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