I Love It When My Clients Make These Statements


I enjoy working with clients and seeing them benefit from their hard work and focus. There are three phrases clients regularly exclaim that prove organization is worth the effort.

1. “That’s where that is, I’ve been looking all over for it!” This exclamation is music to my organizing ears. Clients are super excited and relieved to find missing papers, sentimental items they lost hope of ever finding, as well as money, checks and gift cards. It’s fun to witness their delight. What do you think you will find when you declutter?


2. “I can’t believe how easy this was once we started!” Starting is the most difficult part of any organizing project. Clients tell me they would not make the time to organize if I wasn’t by their side providing nonjudgmental encouragement. The first step is to schedule a time to start organizing. Set a date and aim for a 30 minute decluttering session. Ask a nice friend to hold you accountable or hire a professional organizer who will share his/her expertise so the project takes less time and effort.

3. “Wow, I feel much better!” Take a minute and think about how clutter makes you feel? Did any positive feelings come to mind? Clutter weighs us down physically and emotionally and can even take a toll on our health. Organization feels good! Keep your eye on the prize as you chip away at clutter. You will be rewarded with freedom, happiness, efficiency and relief from any anxiety clutter may have caused.

I’ve also heard clients state with an air of relief…..I thought you were going to act like a drill sergeant and make me get rid of everything.  Nope, it’s always the clients decision BUT my clients are also ready and willing to get part with things.  I’m by their side to support, motivate and keep them focused.

Organization — it’s a beautiful thing!

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