How to organize kid’s hobby and craft supplies

kid's hobby and craft supplies

Got kids? If so, you no doubt also have the stuff needed for their hobbies and activities — musical instruments, sports equipment, dancewear, and art supplies — scattered throughout your home.

Organize it all with these tips.

Get the kids to help you round up the stuff and then categorize it by activity. If that’s too overwhelming because you have several very active children, then focus on finding the items that belong to one category, say soccer equipment, not the whole shebang.

Now that you have it together you can evaluate and edit.

Sell or donate items they’ve outgrown or the entire lot if it’s something they no longer have an interest in pursuing. Maybe tap dance was sooo last year!

Toss broken or beyond-usable items.

Store the things you decide to keep in one area, if at all possible, so they won’t have to waste time searching for their equipment/supplies when you need to leave for practice or class. Use hooks, bins, bags and shelving to optimize storage space.

Hobby supplies should be stored near their place of use or where they would look for it. Store sports gear in the garage or entryway closet so it’s easy to grab and go. If you are blessed with a mudroom, it’s perfect for gear.

Musical instruments and the like belong in the practice area, making it simple for kids to get their practice time in. Possibly their bedroom, a music room or a corner of your living room.

Place art supplies, categorized into bins, near their favorite work area: kitchen (pantry), their bedroom closet or a corner of your living room.

Get the kid’s involved in setting up these systems and maintaining the system.  They’ll learn organizing skills that will serve them well.

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