Tips for moving your college student with ease


Do you or will you have multiple children in college? Besides the obvious financial expenses, you’ve probably spent time and energy helping them move several times a year.

Our daughter’s moves went smoothly, thanks to my husband’s extraordinary packing skills. Although she would deny this, our daughter took pretty much everything she owned to college. It was astonishing!

Most college students will need to move in the coming weeks. I have some suggestions for an efficient move.

Encourage/beg your college kids to take only the essentials, not everything they own. You could promise to ship or deliver things they find they truly miss once the semester begins.

Have your student pack their belongings into storage totes, laundry baskets, and suitcases. The handles are a blessing.

Pack the car the evening before you leave town. Your student will grasp how much will fit into the confines of the car and you won’t have to argue about downsizing their stuff on the day of the move.

Are you moving furniture? Place reservations for a rental trailer or truck well ahead of the scheduled move. Most dorms offer carts for transporting items to and from the dorm. If your student lives off campus, a hand truck can take a load off your back.

Purchase or borrow a car top carrier and a bike rack if needed.

May your student’s moves be stress-free and may they always live on the first floor.

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