Smart packing tips for your next road trip

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My husband and I enjoyed taking road trips to Glacier National Park, Yellowstone, the Tetons and to Yosemite prior to having our daughter.  She then joined us as we traveled to Maine, North Carolina and Yellowstone/Tetons. We love seeing the U.S. from the road.

The trips have been more relaxing when we brought along the following items.

Food and beverages. Is saving money a priority? Shop for groceries before leaving town. Pack snacks in a small cooler and place it in or near the front seat for easy access. Your larger cooler for rest stop picnics can ride in the trunk.

Give each passenger a plastic grocery bag for trash. Empty or replace bags every time you refuel or stop at a wayside.

Family-friendly audio books, podcasts, and playlists. Rent free CDs and downloads from the public library unless you have WiFi in your car. Miles will pass quickly if you have something interesting to listen to.

Entertainment for children. Depending on the ages of your children, keep them busy with age appropriate electronics, books, markers, white boards, pipe cleaners (a.k.a. chenille stems), tape and stickers.

A small pillow and blanket as well as your children’s comfort items will increase the chance they will sleep during the ride (ahhh, silence). Have these items within reach.

Basic first aid and clean-up supplies: bandages, wipes, paper towels and waterless cleaner for mishaps.

Avoid construction delays and find your way quickly with a GPS. A smartphone isn’t always available when it’s being used for games, to make a call, or if your data plan or WiFi is limited.

Travel safe and enjoy the views!  Where have you traveled by car?

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