Consider Eliminating These 5 Perfectly Good Things


You own some nice, perfectly good stuff which translates into “super hard to part with.” If we hang onto every single perfectly good, useful item, even when they haven’t proven useful to us, our spaces will lose their spaciousness. A house filled with good stuff leaves little room for friends, family, and relaxation.

Here are tips for eliminating five perfectly good things. 

1. Extra home furnishings. Your home furnishing tastes have changed. You’ve hung onto the old furnishings because you are sure your children will want them when they move into their first home. Ask your children to choose the items they want and sell or donate the rest.

2. Vases. These seem to multiply overnight. Select your favorites in an assortment of sizes and donate the extras.

3. China and crystal. Grandma’s china or crystal received as wedding gifts are carefully boxed up and stored. Even though it’s gorgeous, you don’t have the energy or time to unpack and use it on special occasions. Would your children or other family members use the pieces? Or consider keeping one piece to display and let go of the rest.

4. Jewelry. It’s pretty, it was a gift, or you inherited it but it isn’t you. Maybe you rarely have the occasion to wear it or it’s uncomfortable. Release the jewelry and allow someone else the pleasure of wearing it.

5. Silverware and serving pieces. While beautiful, silver requires a lot of care to keep it shiny. If you have better things to do than polish silver, isn’t it time you free yourself from its upkeep?

Find a good home for these items when you’re ready to let them go.  Take them to your local donation center, sell them on consignment, or pass them along to other relatives that want them.


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