Untangle and Organize Cords for Your Electronics

electronic cords

If your electronic cords and chargers are a tangled, unorganized mess you know how downright infuriating it can be when you need to find one. Sorting out the snarl every time you need to use one is also a big time waster.

Take the time to label the end of every cord with the name of the device and person it belongs to. You don’t need a label maker; masking tape and a marker will do the trick. In fact, I bet you own all the supplies you need to manage your cords.

Prevent cord snarls by wrapping each cord around your hand and securing the cord with a binder clip, cable tie or twist tie. 

Use plastic zip-top closure bags to store individual cords you rarely use.  

Slip a toilet paper tube over a wound cord and write the cord’s identity on the tube.

Dedicate a drawer, basket, or box as a home for all your electronic cords and chargers. You’ll know exactly where to look when you need your cords.

Over-the-door shoe pockets also make a good home for cords/chargers, especially if the shoe pockets are clear. Label the pockets and there won’t be any confusion about where to put a cord once you are finished charging your device.

The kitchen counter is a convenient charging area but if you need a less visible and less busy location, use a bedroom or office as a charging station.

If you find cords you no longer use or need, check with your local donation center, I’ve found some will accept them and recycle.


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