A client makes an unconventional decision

Deferred decisions or the lack of decisions tend to cause disorganization, clutter, and chaos!  Think about it, if you don’t make a decision about whether to keep something, decide where to put things, decide on commitments/activities to participate in, decide to maintain organization, or decide to ask for help you aren’t going to change your circumstances.

I’d like to share a client story with you about decisions.  This client was a virtual client of mine which means I coached her over the phone.  She’s a lovely client, she took my advice and also thought of her own solutions.

Let’s call this client Laverne.  Laverne had piles and piles of dirty dishes so I suggested she tackle them 10 minutes each day until she was caught up.  We can do anything for 10 minutes, right?

During our next phone coaching session, I asked Laverne about her dishes and her progress.  She said, “Jill they are gone!”  I told Laverne that I was so happy and proud of her and asked how she did it.  Her response……”I threw them out!”

Wow, what a decision!  Unconventional isn’t it?  You know what, she made a decision and moved on.  Now Laverne has one plate, one glass, and a couple of spoons, knives, and forks from Goodwill.  Laverne decided to keep it simple and never face a pile of dirty dishes again.

Way to go Laverne!  This solution isn’t for everyone but the bottom line, she made a decision and moved on.

What are going to decide to do today?

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