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Instant decluttering tips for a cleaner home

decluttering tips

This is the last my series of tips to help you start eliminating clutter and take you from overwhelmed to organized. Apply the “one-in, one-out” rule to your home. For every item you bring in, one should be donated or discarded. This may need to be modified to one-in, 10-out until your home feels comfortable. Give…

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7 winning organizing strategies

organizing strategies

This week I’m sharing more of my top strategies to help you go from overwhelmed to organized. 1. Use containers while de-cluttering instead of creating piles. You’ll need these clearly labeled containers next to the area you are de-cluttering: donate, sell, trash, recycle, items to keep but go elsewhere and shred. 2. Find a home for…

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Procrastination could have injured my dog

Yep, I do procrastinate.   For instance, I meant to move my eyeglasses and their case from the coffee table. I looked at them every day and said to myself, “I gotta move those somewhere safe….away from our 1 year old labrador’s reach.” Recently I arrived home to find my spare eyeglass case on the…

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A client makes an unconventional decision

Deferred decisions or the lack of decisions tend to cause disorganization, clutter and chaos!  Think about it, if you don’t make a decision about whether to keep something, decide where to put things, decide on commitments/activities to participate in, decide to maintain organization, or decide to ask for help you aren’t going to change your…

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Make a decision

Your house fills up with stuff, your calendar fills up with commitments, and your papers pile up waiting for the next action.  Deferred decisions, lack of decisions, and procrastination are all causes of clutter.  Start making decisions and you will discover a solution for clutter, piles, and too much stuff.   Purchasing decisions:  Before you…

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Just for today…

Organization requires changing your habits and routines.   Have you ever heard the expression, “if you do what you have always done you will get what you have always gotten?” Do you want to develop better organizing habits but it just seems too hard and too overwhelming to change the way you do things? I’d like…

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