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Procrastination could have injured my dog

Yep, I do procrastinate.   For instance, I meant to move my eyeglasses and their case from the coffee table. I looked at them every day and said to myself, “I gotta move those somewhere safe….away from our 1 year old labrador’s reach.”

Recently I arrived home to find my spare eyeglass case on the living room floor. Oh, oh! It was obvious that Scout had been chewing on it. I procrastinated about moving them from the coffee table because, seriously, why would a dog want to eat eyeglasses!? Lesson learned.

At first I thought Scout only damaged the case.  Then I opened the case and discovered Scout selectivly ate one plastic bow and left the rest.  The glasses, missing one bow, were folded neatly inside the closed case.  Clever girl, she probably didn’t think I would notice.

I lost a several hundred dollar pair of glasses but thankfully, Scout did not injure herself while enjoying their delicisousness.




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