You won’t believe what turns up while decluttering with clients

found money

Has clutter concealed money in your home? You’ll find out once you start sorting through your papers, boxes, and piles. My clients have discovered thousands of dollars hidden among clutter in their homes.

People are thrilled when we find sizable checks they thought were lost forever. We’ve also found loose change and bills. We once found a box containing six $100 bills.

$600 found

Sometimes money is still tucked into cards from birthdays long past.

It’s exciting and rewarding when we find money, especially since clutter can be a negative reminder of wasted money, cash spent on things you don’t use and duplicate purchases.

Gift cards are another commonly uncovered item and fortunately, they typically don’t expire.

If someone tells me they won’t shop or eat at the places the gift card is for, I’ll encourage them to re-gift the cards, donate them to charities or silent auctions or sell/trade them with the help of specialized online businesses.

The most substantial find in the past 16 years of my career has been a stack of savings bonds.

This particular client moved seven years ago and needed my help unpacking some boxes she was having a hard time getting to on her own. The boxes contained a wide variety of items, including an envelope with the savings bonds.

Once she cashed them in, she pocketed $15,000! Isn’t that incredible?

I hope these stories will motivate and encourage you to start sorting through your paper and other stuff. As you can see, organizing can be both profitable and fun.

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