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Who Hires a Professional Organizer?

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Have you ever wondered who hires a professional organizer?

You might be surprised by their varied backgrounds and circumstances. Clients who have hired me…

  • Might be your neighbor or a relative, but I won’t be the one that tells you because my services are completely confidential.
  • Are everyday people with everyday lives. They are young, middle-aged, senior citizens, or students. Some are professionals including PhDs, MDs, and lawyers, stay-at-home mothers, or retirees.
  • Many times they have visible clutter, but other times clutter is concealed behind doors or in drawers.
  • Have tried to get help from friends or family, but end up feeling worse instead of seeing results and feeling better. I don’t roll my eyes or sigh. My goal is to help clients feel better, relax and add an element of fun. I treat clients with the respect and compassion they deserve.
  • Are too busy and too overwhelmed to organize alone. They don’t know where to start or find it difficult to muster up the energy to begin and need some guidance and support.
  • Become distracted if they organize without any help. They need focus, and sometimes, an attentive listener.
  • May struggle with attachments and letting go. I help them make decisions when they feel stuck, without being pushy or overbearing.
  • Are ready and willing to make a change. Many have a wonderful sense of humor which makes the process fun!

We all have different strengths and skills. Mine happens to be organization. I myself, hire a professional expert for business coaching, website design, bookkeeping and tax preparation.

If you need help getting organized, call me today at 608-575-7467 or find another professional organizer in any area of the world by visiting

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