Weekend Organizing Challenge: Schedule a Donation Pick Up


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Mini-organizing challenges are doable and will focus on de-cluttering a tiny area of your home.  If the weekend challenge “speaks” to you, then set your timer for 30 minutes and start organizing/de-cluttering. Stop when the timer goes off and enjoy the rest of your weekend knowing that you accomplished something!  Of course you may continue organizing if you have gained the momentum you needed.

Weekend Challenge: Schedule a donation pick up


I challenge you to fill a couple containers or bags (or even more!) with donations and immediately schedule a pick up with your favorite charity that offers this service.  Easter Seals frequently calls and mails me these post card reminders. Mark the scheduled date on your calendar to help you remember.  This is super easy if you don’t have a car or find it hard to make the time to deliver your donations.

Find a list of local charities that offer this service AND schedule a pick up  here.

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