Weekend Mini-Organizing Challenge: User Manuals/Instruction Booklets


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Mini-organizing challenges are doable and will focus on decluttering a tiny area of your home.  If the weekend challenge “speaks” to you, then set your timer for 30 minutes and start organizing/decluttering. Stop when the timer goes off then enjoy the rest of your weekend knowing that you accomplished something!  Of course, you may continue organizing if you have gained the momentum you needed.

Mini Challenge: User Manuals/Instruction Booklets


When is the last time you searched for and referred to a user manual?  Did you answer, rarely if ever?

User manuals take up a large chunk of file space or require their own box and shelf space.  Gather your manuals and weed out the ones for products you no longer own and the manuals you never refer to (i.e. the manual for your hair dryer).

Don’t worry about not having one if you need it.  Most can be found here at free user manuals online.