4 Simple Steps to a Clutter-Free Thanksgiving


Hosting Thanksgiving dinner in a few weeks? Don’t panic.

It’s possible to organize four key areas of your home before Thanksgiving without organizing every hour of every day.

Front entrance or porch: Make your home more inviting for your guests. Sweep the cobwebs away from your front door and sweep the porch. Give the welcome mat a good shake or replace it if it’s in tatters. Replace dead potted plants with cold hardy chrysanthemums. Put away items that have come to rest on your porch: shoes, toys, yard tools, etc.

Fridge/freezer: You are going to need extra room in your fridge/freezer if you are hosting a holiday meal or love to bake holiday cookies. Look for expired food and toss it. Categorize food on the shelves and wipe down shelves.

Living room: Start with the floor, or if that feels too overwhelming, start with a very small area of the floor. Have trash/recycle bags on hand plus several containers to hold items that need relocating to other rooms in your home. Clear the clutter from all the living room end tables and coffee table. Recycle reading material and return books, DVDs, electronic devices to their homes.