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Mini-Organizing Challenge: Magazine Basket


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Mini-organizing challenges are doable and will focus on decluttering a tiny area of your home.  If the weekend challenge “speaks” to you, then set your timer for 30 minutes and start organizing/decluttering. Stop when the timer goes off and enjoy the rest of your weekend knowing that you accomplished something!  Of course, you may continue organizing if you have gained the momentum you needed.

Mini-Challenge: Magazine Baskets 

I’m challenging you to clear out old magazines and catalogs.  You may keep yours in a basket, box, on a nightstand, or on a coffee table.  Have they reached the top {or past the top} of their container?  Is the coffee table buried beneath outdated periodicals?
Be ruthless, I know you can do it.  Pull the oldest issues from the bottom of the stack and recycle or donate to a library.
Don’t over-think the process.  The information is outdated or has been replaced with newer issues.  If the plastic cover remains on a months-old periodical, recycle it immediately.  Gasp!  Seriously, if you haven’t read it by now, what are the chances you will have time to read it in the future.  Finding old plastic-wrapped magazine issues is a sign that you need to cut back on your subscriptions.  Let them lapse when they come up for renewal or switch to electronic versions.
Go ahead and tear out recipes and other inspiration as long as you have a place to keep them.  Don’t let them add to your paper piles.  You’ll regret that action in the future and most likely will forget about them.
Once the 30 minutes is up, go ahead and curl up with one of your favorite magazines.

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