The 5 Possible Causes of Clutter and The Solutions


Do you look around your home and ask yourself, “How did I let it get this cluttered?”

Please, don’t beat yourself up, instead let’s explore the causes and find a solution to ending the clutter cycle.

Here are five possible causes.

1. Shopping. If purchases are still in their bags, boxes or have their price tags on them, this may be the cause.

Solution: Stop shopping for fun or recreation. Have a purpose and a list that you stick to.

A bargain isn’t a bargain if you don’t need or have an immediate use for it.

2. Not putting things away after using or buying them.

Things you “set here for now” will end up attracting more clutter.

Solution: Take the time to immediately put it away.

3. Rarely editing your stuff. If you continue to add without subtracting, you will outgrow your space.

Solution: Follow the “one-in- one-out” rule to keep your stuff in check. A labeled bag or box for donations should be available and in your home at all times.

4. A busy schedule with rarely a moment to catch up.

Solution: Start with 15 minutes of de-cluttering a day. I realize it sounds impossible to clear a mountain of clutter this way, but it’s better than not spending any time de-cluttering.

5. You feel completely overwhelmed and paralyzed.

Solution: Ask for help from a nonjudgmental friend or a professional organizer. Professionals don’t feel overwhelmed. We provide support and encouragement to our clients.

Which solution will you implement today?

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