Garage Tip: A Solution for Organizing Large Yard Tools

Are your rakes, shovels and other yard/garden tools taking up precious floor space in your garage?  Are they tangled up in one big pile so you avoid doing yard work?  That’s your excuse and you are sticking to it.

Hang them from the garage walls.  The supplies you need are large nails, scrap lumber, decking screws, garage hooks, and a hammer.

You may opt to purchase storage rack for your yard tools but they usually aren’t as flexible as one you make yourself.

Our yard tools


More of our yard tools

Scrap lumber boards were attached (he told me he would use those boards someday)  to our wall studs with decking screws, as seen in the photos.  This allows you to hang tools anywhere on the board, they will be secure.  Otherwise you will need to use a wall stud for each and every tool.

Wall space is maximized by placing some tools near the ceiling and others tools at a lower level.  A store purchased system doesn’t always allow for this customization.

Small garden tool storage

I love being able to easily find the tool I need and get on with my gardening.

What do you hang on your garage walls?

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