Garage Organizing Tip: Organizing Small Tools.

Do you waste time looking for your tools?  Have you ever purchased a tool you couldn’t find only to find it later?  Organize your tools in a manner that will allow you to simply find them instead of wasting time and money.

My husband built a workbench with a pegboard above it.  We have one in our garage as seen in the photo and another one in the basement.  Think of it as our summer workbench and our winter workbench.  I live in Wisconsin where the winters are cold.  Go ahead and feel sorry for me if you have palm trees in your neighborhood.

Our workbench

The workbench surface holds jars of nails and screws and also collects crap if we aren’t careful.  There are shelves below the bench provide  more storage.

The pegboard stores our small tools in an accessible location.  This is an excellent system if you‘re a visual person who likes things out in the open.  We have a lot of empty spaces on our pegboard because we also have tools on the basement pegboard.

Maybe you want to take organization to the next level and use a permanent marker to outline each tool on the pegboard.  There won’t be any question where that tool belongs once you remove it.

You should be able to purchase pegboard sheets and metal hooks at your local hardware store.  It’s inexpensive, functional and will also work in craft areas.

Tools chests are another option for containing and organizing tools and certain designs have a lock.

How do you organize your tools?

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