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[Day 25] Kitchen Towels: Kitchen Clutter Clear Out

Day 25 of the Kitchen Clutter Clear Out’s focus is the dish towel drawer. We tend to over stuff this drawer with towels and dishcloths.

You may have the hang of this clutter purging process and can probably guess what the first step is going to be.  Here we go!

  • Remove everything from the drawer.
  • Sort it into piles of “like” items.
  • Are there some items that don’t belong in this drawer?  If so, put them aside and return them to their home after you are finished with the drawer.  If you put those items away now, you may become distracted and we don’t want that!
  • Purge until they fit into the drawer without stuffing it.
  • Donate the stained, torn, or thin towels (Goodwill recycles these into rags) or add them to your own rags, but only if needed.

My towel drawer isn’t perfectly neat but it works for me.





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